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Kristin Rohan and Jude Love

Kristin Rohan

Sassy Assassin


To me, stories remind me of Christmas lights...or disco lights...or any string of lights that you take out of a dusty box from the attic, and pull out in a crazy mess of chaos. You first UNTANGLE, then CONNECT, then 'TADA!' you AMPLIFY them and crank up to your tune, speed and style.

So here's my story in true Christmas light fashion:


After 15 years of climbing the corporate ladder in Silicon Valley and surfing the booms and the busts, I landed in Sydney in 2008, and realised that businesses on both continents were confused and fighting about what they thought they wanted and needed in SEO and Social — it was a chaotic time.


After talking to a LOT of people, I was told I had no business in SEO because I wasn’t a developer, yet, I had been doing SEO from a marketing and strategic view and it was working. And, I LOVED solving SEO mysteries, seeing my clients succeed, and connecting with their customers. So SassySEO was born to not just to improve rankings (though we nailed it!), but to educate and change how people solved their SEO needs. And it flourished.


Very quickly I realised that Social was the next step. You can optimise a site and build links, etc, but if no one is connecting with you, talking about you or trusting, knowing and liking you, it didn’t matter what keywords you used. That opened the door to untangling chaos in the rest of their marketing efforts.

My background centres around Marketing, Media, Sales and Leadership — I started weaving in business and marketing strategies, taking a step back and ensuring my clients knew their “Why” and “What” and leaving the “How” up to me.

And that’s what I mean when I say I move at their unique Super Power P.A.C.E. Listening to what stories need untangling, connecting and amplifying, to boost PROFITABILITY, AUTHENTICITY, COLLABORATION and EFFICIENCY.

Your business is your story. Untangle, connect, and amplify, to move at a Super Power P.A.C.E.


Jude Love

Digital Marketing, with Love

Jude Love Love Communications

A wordpress web consultant, I love to untangle a business story by working with clients to clarify their customers' primary pain points then show how they can solve these issues, through a beautiful, functional, optimised website.

Like most small enterprises, my business journey has been slightly chaotic, but a valuable learning experience. I moved from print media to web design as the newspaper industry reduced their staff in response to falling ad revenue. I had the great good fortune to work for some excellent mastheads whose purpose was to tell people's stories through spacious long form journalism, grace and dedication to quality. I carry this into my business.


I support my clients to speak to their customers at the exact moment they are looking for their services. This is done by drawing out my client's stories to identify their UVP, their ideal clients, their clients pain points and how best to speak to those issues. I do this through effective organic SEO: an efficient site, content written for humans, that google will love, and authentic backlinks as well as Social and Search Engine marketing in an effective and targetted way.


It's never been easier to connect, especially without leaving the house / office / car / cycle lane, but face to face interaction is key as well. P.A.C.E. can help if this is difficult, with scripts, challenges, practice, feedback. Real connection is not only great for business, google loves you for it as well.


When all of the essential ingredients of your Super Power P.A.C.E.: Profit, Authenticity, Collaboration and Efficiency,  are functioning well, you'll be surprised how easy it will be to Amplify your business, your voice, your energy. Amplification comes from the butterfly effect of your business performing well, rippling out to your clients' circles, your friends' circles, your family's circles. Amplification is a natural consequence of the calm and confidence that comes from stepping into your Super Power.